Real Money Roulette

Real Money Roulette

It is one of the oldest, most addictive and exciting games in the casino gaming industry. Real Money Roulette is a popular game originated in France. It is structured in a way that everyone who plays it and even those who see it, feel the excitement in every round.

All players have the opportunity to make as many bets as they can with every spin when the round starts; for a couple of seconds, the ball will travel across the edge of the wheel until it falls into the winning pocket. The basics of roulette are already exciting on its own, but knowing the fact that you are about to play for real money takes this concept to a whole new level.

Real money roulette combines two elements to bring the most: the exciting gameplay itself, adding that spicy risk that makes gambling a favorite pastime. Just knowing that with every spin you have the probability to walk away with a significant score on your back makes gamblers play this game for centuries, waiting for that moment of hearing your winning number from the croupier.

Best Real Money Roulette Casinos

Playing roulette is especially thrilling even more when real money comes out if you win. And now, you can play it wherever you are, not only in traditional casinos. You can just sit at home and play, on a bus, or even at the office, away from all the sounds and people that generally go to casinos, limited only by your internet connection. The only thing you should worry about is whom you trust your information and money.

Knowing this, you’ll want to find the greatest casino, the one that not only fits your gambling needs but also makes you feel that you are playing in a fair system. With thousands of online casinos and more coming out every day, each one allowing you to jump on roulette and play for real money on your computer (or mobile device), it can be hard to choose the best one.

Don’t struggle and check some of these online casinos with an excellent reputation and great reviews. Each one of these casinos has fast services, secure payments; they’re available for everyone to play roulette for money since their rules aren’t rough.

Players can jump at a table and bet as low as $0.01 because you and your wallet should be able to enjoy. These are some of the best online casinos to play the roulette for real money

  1. JackpotCity Casino. It has been operating online since 1998. The casino provides a bonus of $1600, instant play available for web, and mobile versions. Unlike many casinos with 35-1 pays on single numbers, JackpotCity Casino offers a 36-1.
  2. Ruby Fortune has a $750 bonus; it’s a licensed and regulated casino with a vast list of real money roulette types. When talking about payment options, they offer great and quick payouts.
  3. The Spin Palace Casino that offers 24/7 customer support and a bonus of $1000. Having a Wide range of payment options and being a fully licensed and regulated site makes it worth checking out.

These establishments are some of the best that offer real money online roulette out there.

Different types of Roulette

The popularity that real money roulette gained through all the centuries made it different in some regions. New game variations were developed in different places.

With the game flooding online casinos, more variations were introduced. The variations are:

  • French Roulette. It was the original type, which originated around the 17th century in France. It was used to play with 36 numbers, ranging from 1 to 36 and later on, near the 19th century, the count of numbers raised from 36 to 37 when a zero was added to it.

  • European variation. It became famous in casinos in Monte Carlo, on the French Riviera. It’s played on a different wider table, having their numbers divided into black and red numbers with the zero always marked as green. European and French types are often confused since both use a single zero wheel.

  • American roulette tries to resemble the original form of the game, but besides the regular numbers, it adds the double zero slots pockets in the wheel. This, in addition to the single zero, increases the chance of losing.

The order of the numbers in American variation is entirely different from others, but the table layout should stay the same (Of course, with the addition of double zeros).

Real Money Online Roulette


As an alternative to going to casinos, you can still enjoy a nice roulette spin by playing it online, perhaps from your desktop or through apps. You can play online roulette for real money on many sites. Once you find the online roulette that suits you the best, you might see both the American and European version.

Which version you should choose to play is up to you, but since European has more chances to win, we recommend you play that one (unless you see that the casino has rules which could specifically favor the American roulette).

Even though, in some occasions, the casino states rules to favor American variation, players still prefer the European version; one of the mains reasons is because European roulette offers “la partage” rules, similar to the French “en prison” rules.

Tips for Players

1. Roulette is easy to understand, but don’t let that fool you, it still has the sophistication that you see in movies. It’s not just choosing what number the little ball should land on and bet on that number.

2. Experienced players tend to create strategies when it comes to how much and how should they bet, while newbies will concentrate on their lucky numbers. Be mindful that you’re playing roulette real money.

3. The first tip and the one gamblers should follow everywhere is “never bet more than you can afford to lose”. After knowing this, you can go for the Martingale strategy (Or double bet strategy), which bases on increasing the losing bet by doubling it.

Real money roulette is fun and brings the best for gamblers: excitement, drama, and risk, plus the idea of winning a considerable amount of money if you get the lucky number. You can find the game everywhere online, so give it a try on! Develop your strategy and try your luck. You have a great variety to choose from, and different ways to play them.


How do I make a deposit?

The instructions are shown in each online casino. The most comfortable way is to use online roulette for real money PayPal payments.

Can I play roulette for real money on my mobile?

Yes! As long as the casino has the roulette available, you can.

How do I play online roulette for money?

The casinos showed previously let you play roulette online for money; you should register and follow their instructions

Can I play for free before playing for real money?

There are many casinos that offer starting bonuses for roulette, and there are also free games available for you to try out before playing

What is the best money strategy?

The Martingale roulette strategy, if you bet $20 on red and it shows black, bet $40 in the next spin, and so on.